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    Ajax Touch Football League, founded in 1977, is a recreational Men’s Touch Football draft league in the Durham Region.


    UPDATE: 8/10/2020

    Hello Gentleman,

    First and foremost we hope you’ve had as good a summer as 2020 will allow and that you and your families have remained healthy and safe. The ATFL committee has been in close communication with the city regarding our permit and what new protocols would be required for us to continue playing.

    Some of the new guidelines announced by the city include following COVID phase 3 rules (2M distance on sideline for example), contact tracing for anyone attending a game including spectators, and our members needing to sign a waiver essentially outlining that they accept and take responsibility for the risk taken by playing. Furthermore we’ve been advised that not following all of the guidelines outlined by the city could result in a $25,000 fine.

    While these are new challenges for us, our biggest concern is the health and safety of our membership and we want to ensure that before we return to playing football we are able to do so in a safe environment. Ultimately we decided that we don’t have enough time to implement the health and safety measures while also following all of the guidelines outlined by the city to return in time for a Fall 2020 season. With that said we’ve started working on our return to play plan now and we’re hopeful that we’ll be able to return next year for the Spring 2021 season.

    Part of what makes the ATFL great besides football is ours members, relationships, and friendships that have been built through the years and although we can’t get together for an official football season we’d love to get our members together for something we can do safely like a golf tournament or BBQ and the committee is looking at options but would also love feedback from our members on what would be a good activity we can get together safely for, if you have any suggestions please e-mail us!

    Thank you for your patience through this challenging year and continue to stay safe and healthy.

    UPDATE: When it comes to paid league fees for the Spring, of course players can reach out and request a refund. Please let us know which email address you prefer.

    At the same time, we can also hold on to your Spring 2020 fees over the winter in anticipation of the Spring 2021 season.

    Our apologies for not addressing this situation in the previous message.

    - ATFL Committee


    Games are played on Saturday mornings @ TBD

    Game start times -

    Refer to schedule for specifics.


    TBD: Draft

    TBD: Season Starts

    TBD: Playoffs Begin

    TBD: Finals & Banquet


    SPRING 2020: TBD

    FALL 2020: TBD

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